Association Loi 1901

Le 26/10/2015
Merci de votre aide : Une direction changée grâce à l'association ! Un BEDFORD CF 280 de nouveau en pleine forme (le plus longtemps possible, on l'espère).
 Sébastien (34)

Le 21/02/2015,

Hello, de la Bourgogne du Sud, c'est avec plaisir que je me suis baladé sur le nouveau site de votre association. Il est vraiment super et abordable pour tout le monde : une très bonne initiative à mettre à votre compte.

Le Georges (71)

Le 11/11/2014,


super sit, super asso et encore merci pour toute l'aide que vous m'apportez dans la restauration de mon Bed Calypso Dormobile

Antonio (33)

Le 01/11/2014,

Oui, tout c'est bien déroulé.

C'est une équipe super sympa,

si quelqu'un a besoin d'un coup de main pour rénover l'intérieur de son BEDFORD, on est là.

Sylvie (59)

Le 07/10/2014

un grand merci d'etre venu voir mon bed et savoir qu'il va enfin pouvoir rouler mme comble de bonheur merci a vous.

Frédéric (59)

Allo Mél et Pat

vous avez fait un sacré boulot pour ce 5ième Bed en Nord.

Un grand merci pour avoir réuni tous ce monde.

 Je vais garder un très grand grand souvenir.

( Un grand rayon de soleil) nous a iluminé tout le w-k.


sts (SUISSE)

Le 28/07/2014

Bedford experience with Bedford France.

Our annual trip to France with our Bedford Hymer-mobilfrom 1978 wasthis time a very special experience. We (Jac and Lucie de Groot from Zegge with our children Liesbeth and Dirk and our dog Bonna) like to spend our vacations wandering with the camping car especially in France, where it is always sunny, the scenery is beautiful, the bread and wine are delicious and where you can park almost everywhere which gives a wonderful feeling of freedom. This year we planned a week on the D-Day coast.

While driving we heard more and more a noise from under the camping car, the higher the speed, the louder the sound. At first we thought it was something with the brakes, one wheel at the back also ran hot. But then after the night at a parking lot at Cap Blanc-Nez, we drove away and the sound at the rear axle appeared to have become a scratching noise.  After removing the tire and the brake drum it became clear that the wheel bearing was worn: excessive tolerance and a growling sound when manually rotating. What now?

Because we could not reach our regular mechanic (Leo dePrez) we decided to first go to a local garage. After all is was only a replacement of a wheel bearing. At "the garage on the corner" in the village of Sangatte, the owner looked very questionable when we pointed to the rear of our camping car, but he has called an English-speaking colleague for more information. Ordering the parts would take at least 8 days, so this was not an option for us.

Because we have a Roadside Service Europe with replacement car and camping car service abroad at the ANWB, we decided to call them. After a long wait we spoke with the ANWB and explained our situation. Our personal file was made after answering their questions and because we were in a parking lot safely, we were called back later. Time for our coffee break .... After talking to the technical department of the ANWB we received a text message that we could go the an ANWB garage in the nearby village Coquellesfor further investigation. Arriving at the garage it was very busy there, but the mechanic still had time to look at our Bedford: the rear was jacked up and the mechanic felt at the wheel. He didn’t found the play that bad and pointed usto the drop of oil hanging on the drive shaft at the rear axle. His conclusion was that "le transmission" was defective. This was also a major repair to which they had no time ("C'estdifficile et pas possible"). The pointing out that the wheel bearing was the cause didn’t matter, the decision of the garage was final. Because we heard nothing from the ANWB and it was almost evening, we decided to drive up north and to find a camping. According to our ANWB guide there was a camping in Gravelines near the A16 Autoroute, so we drove to Gravelines.

The next morning the ANWBcalled: they had good experiences with the garage in Coquelles and stood behind their conclusion. And because the repatriation costs are higher than the current market value of the vehicle (stated in small print) we were not eligible for repatriation. The advice was to leave behind the Hymer in France!! But that was not an option for us, we have our Bedford since 1993! And according to the ANWB only the following two options remained: replacement vehicle or a fee of € 50, - per person per night for the remaining four days of vacation. Yes, yes, making choices in life, even at the camping.... Because we did not know whether we would need a replacement vehicle the next few days, we decided to once again call Leo and Corrie de Prez. Continue driving was not an option, but Leo told that the French Bedford club is located in Gravelines and that they might have a solution. What a coincidence, we drove exactly to this village!

During a previous walk through the village of Gravelines we had already seen a Bedford camping car in a parking lot. The next morning we asked around if anyone knew where the owner lived, and so suddenly we stood face to face with Melanie whom we had met at a Bedford meeting in the Netherlands! That same day her husband Patrick came by to look at the camping car and concluded that it was indeed the wheel bearing ("le roulement"). He immediately called the French mechanic and he could come on Saturday for the repair. Would it still get a happy ending?

Meanwhile, we enjoyed our holiday in Gravelines: a beautifully restored fortified town with many tourist facilities and a huge beach and a long promenade pier. When we inquired about the possibilities of blokarting we were even personally informed by the mayor of Gravelines. Melanie and Patrick were very helpful with questions about shopping, bike rental and the use of the tourist train. Hereforth, the big dayquickly arrived: Patrick first came with the car from the Bedford Association France to bring the tools (including a special Bedford socket set) and a box with wheel bearings. At 10 am the mechanic Yannick arrived together with Gaile and dog Jacco and even more tools. He was well-prepared and had almost all required materials with him. The wheel bearing was stuck firmly, but mechanic Yannickdid not give up, not even after hours of hammering. After obtaining additional advice by Yannick in France and myself in the Netherlands with Leo, the axle including the wheel bearing eventually came loose and everyone was happy. Everyone, because by now also Melanie with her daughter and grandchildren Nina and Mathildedropped by and there were also a fewpeople at the camping who followed the ‘Bedford Operation’. The rebuild could start and after a test ride at the end of the afternoon the operation was successful!

Without luck nobody fares well: we were very lucky that by accident we endedup in Gravelines and that we could be helped by theBedford Association France. Thanks to them wedid not have to leave behind our Hymer in France, but could return safe and sound to home. Therefore Patrick, Melanie and Yannick of Bedford Association France: thank you very much for your time and help!

Jac (NL)

Le 26/07/2014

Félicitations pour ce site web !

Et pour avoir sollicité Pat à de nombreuses reprises pour des pièces (la tortue est gourmande...), toujours expédiées illico-presto, Merci !

A très bientôt de se revoir pour Bed en Nord 2014 !

Christine (74)

Le 14/07/2014

Je remercie Bedford-France et son mécanicien bénévole pour le déplacement et pour avoir remis mon moteur en route et pour tous les réglages effectués sur mon Bedford. Maintenant il démarre au quart de tour. Le moteur tourne à merveille. Je vous dis MERCI

Philippe (51)


Le 26/06/2014

Témoignage de remerciement à Bedford-France et à son bénévole mécanicien pour les réglages effectués sur mon Bedford, maintenant il démarre au quart de tour, le moteur tourne à merveille et a gagné en puissance alors MERCI et à la prochaine intervention pour les roulements.

Laëtitia (59)

Le 30/03/2014

Très bonne idée ton site , Pat !

Cela nous permettra, peut-être , d'avoir plus de facilité pour trouver, avec l'aide du site, une pièce pour notre "vieux" Bed quand le besoin s'en fera sentir en France ou bien chez nos amis hollandais.

Merci, en tous cas, pour cette initiative !

Au plaisir de se revoir.


Nadia et Michel (28)

Le 29/03/2014 :

Bonjour et félicitation pour ce site web.

Pascal (62)